About Us

Global business is a very complex endeavor.  Even so, all of our services are designed to do the following:

Having a reliable one stop, one point of contact solution in a new market or country of operation can drastically reduce valuable time, costs and risks and allow you to focus on growth. 

Lombard Global. Since 2004, one point of contact. From market entry to exit….

The Lombard Global Difference


Lombard Global, Inc. are strategic investment bankers and management consultants for global expansion. We provide a tightly integrated, yet customizable solution which executes across borders and function by leveraging the right people enabled by capital, technology and best practices.

A leader in international business consulting, we access 10 fully staffed branches worldwide as well as a network of partners in 80 countries, helping companies to accelerate their performance in growing international markets. In our 10 years of existence, over 300 companies have used our services for global market entry, strategy, investment banking and transaction advisory consisting of operational and IT systems improvement.

Our core group consists of local professionals overseas and global professionals who operate at the headquarters level. We augment our core with world-class Senior Advisors from corporate finance, law, academia and relevant functional, industry and geographical specialties.  We currently number about 100 (and growing) globally-minded business people who are completely focused on sustainable results and your best interest. 

ALL of the businesspeople from Lombard Global assigned to handle your project have made global business their career.  The vast majority of our team average a quarter century of global business experience.


We seek breakthrough growth for our clients. To achieve that, you must start with a sound capital footing. This is why we lead with Corporate Finance.  In addition, we look for breakthrough growth opportunities through technology, particularly data, and can then provide the business longer term growth infrastructure through international sales, marketing, process and procedures.  As a result, we tend to be more of a strategic advisor with a longer term and holistic outlook.


Our team operates globally yet has one point of ownership.  We are not middlemen.  Unlike the global accounting and law firms, our partners locally and overseas are not “franchises” who operate under the same brand.  In addition, international business advisory and corporate finance are our only focus. Global Expansion is not the hottest flavor du jour for us and is not buried under advisory offerings somewhere else on the website. Our top professionals have been engaged in international business for so long, we possess a mental playbook for global expansion. You could say we think global expansion “when we wake up in the morning”.