International Marketing

Website Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation (GILT)

There are many entities who handle translations and localization but very few who offer it in conjunction with a much more comprehensive and fine-tuned international business strategy. Lombard Global, along with its partners, is one of these entities. Our daily experience in high-level international business strategy, sales and marketing, economics and finance provide us with an innovation platform that ultimately aligns global marketing and operations strategy with global interactive strategy. In our experience, without buy in from senior leaders within the organization, the end result of such a detailed technical project might be impressive but could end up out of line with corporate goals, and therefore end up being a very costly effort. This is why we start at the top of the organization, work to understand and confirm overall corporate and/or product and service strategy, break it down into region or country and only then begin detailed translation and localization work. Along the way, results are communicated back to senior management and confirmed throughout the project team. Our goal is to produce a project result in which business has actually aligned with IT to truly brand the website globally.

Lombard Global. Localization Squared.

Just as we appreciate foreign nationals who speak English when they visit the USA, foreign nationals also appreciate even our own awful attempts to speak their language when we visit their countries offshore. Research clearly shows that this principal also holds true with international ecommerce. If a website is translated properly and attention is placed on cultural and psychographic issues unique to them, they will feel more comfortable and thus be much more apt to make a purchasing decision. Globalization is not Americanization or Anglicization. In its most basic form, people want to embrace the world and its cultures while retaining and enhancing connections to their own.

Indeed, the USA is no longer the largest country in terms of internet users, with 215 million people connected to the web. With over 230 million users, China is now the largest as of June 30, 2008. In addition, the language composition is also changing. More Chinese and Spanish speakers are getting immersed in the web at a higher rate than English speakers. Thus, there can be little doubt as to why multilingualism is getting more traction these days. 

However, high-quality localization demands much more than straightforward translation of text. Localization requires a total integration of your Website into the unique standards and cultural norms of each target. Designing such a website –one that attracts customers, develops trust and loyalty and is invulnerable to competitive marketing actions-is akin to branding the website.

International Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Qualified prospects can arrive at your website from all over the globe. Lombard Global’s international search engine optimization and marketing services ensures that your site achieves prominent visibility within the search results of the most important search engines for each geographic market. If you are marketing your products or services on a global scale, participating in international SEO and/or SEM is crucial to your success.

Our dedicated international search team continuously monitors and explores new trends in foreign search engines, as well as the most recent trends in global user behaviors and preferences. This team is also updated on trends by collaborating with our back-end internationalization experts, front-end localization experts and our translation specialists and network. The dynamism of this shared work along with focus on specific SEO and SEM issues translates into more qualified traffic, more leads, increased global brand recognition and ultimately, more sales.

Consulting Offerings

  • Customized Web Design
  • Web Site Visitor Analysis: Source Countries
  • Web Site Visitor Analysis: Mode of Entry
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Web Hosting

Are your sites culturally customized for your target countries or culture groups? Using tools discussed in the book and our experience in this area, we analyze existing sites and offer recommendations, or provide guidance for establishing new web site/s.

Are your site visitors from the targeted countries? A country-by-country analysis of site visitors, pages, and hits.

What percentage of customers comes to your site via a personal bookmark or typing your URL, in comparison to arriving at your site through a search engine?

Many of the services we offer require specialized data (as seen in the above examples) and will require that we host your site, to collect such data. We offer web hosting plans and in-depth statistical reports on site traffic that are unique in terms of strategic value and cost.

Which web sites are your site's relevant competitors? Besides traditional methods of identifying competitors, we analyze the search terms used by your visitors to arriving at your site.

Other Services

Web surveys, branding on the Web, segmentation on the Web, statistical (univariate and multivariate) analysis of Web data, and overall marketing research.