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 written by William Billeaud   In the New York Times bestseller, The Athena Doctrine, we are taken around the world to look at stories of women and men who are innovating with the skills and values commonly associated with women such as cooperation, communication and sharing.  An interesting change is indeed taking place in Israel, […]

Written by William Billeaud Kenya is a poor but rapidly growing nation with a population of 42 million and a per capita GDP of less than one thousand dollars. In the last decade, however, six of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world were in Africa.  A lot of this has to do with the […]

Written by: Bill Hite, CEO of Munich-based Hull Speed Associates and strategic partner of Lombard Global, Inc. When planning for a multi-country expansion, nailing the finer details can make or break your budgeting effort. A privately-held software company based in California is starting to pursue new sales in Europe. The company has already opened a […]

Article by: Mohamed Buhaisi, President of BPC-Egypt, Advisor and Strategic partner to Lombard Global, Inc.  Edited by: William Billeaud, President and Managing Partner of Lombard Global, Inc www.lombardglobal.com .  Introduction For decades, Egypt’s economy was focused on remittances, tourism or the Suez Canal for revenue. Agriculture, an important part of Egypt’s GDP, was often ignored. […]