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International Relations Edu

International Relations Edu's mission is to serve as a dedicated resource for individuals interested in pursuing a career in International Relations. The information on our website includes experience requirements, job duties, and salary expectations that will help individuals in career advancement.




Growthink is Lombard Global's U.S. Investment Banking broker/dealer affiliate and consulting partner. They provide world-class services and products for all cycles of entrepreneurial growth and development.


Najafi Global Mindset Institute 

Najafi Global Mindset Leadership Institute is the preeminent source of the science and practice of global leadership as it relates to: 1.) definition, 2.) measurement and 3.) development of global mindset. The Institute is home of the Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory, the world's first and only psychometric assessment tool that allows companies and organizations to measure their capacity for success in global environments.



Export To China

Export To China

This multinational trade platform is the result of decades of experience working in international trade and knowledge on how to make China’s market accessible to global suppliers. The Chinese consumer has arrived and is eager for the world´s products. Get a better understanding of the ever-expanding opportunities in the China market through China Wants Your Products pages. was specifically designed to allow easy, efficient and cost effective access to the China market for companies that want to sell their products to China. The company provides real benefit by building this bridge. It is easy with a platform to effectively market your products to China buyers – helping overcome barriers to trade.




Since 1995, Interpro Translation Solutions has been providing world-class foreign language localization and translation solutions which enable clients to deliver multilingual products to their global audiences. Interpro does this by offering a complete array of services designed to assist a wide range of clients ranging from privately-held small businesses, to not-for-profit organizations, to middle-market companies, up to and including Fortune 500 clients



Passion Group

Passion Group (Italy and China)

Passion Group is made up of a team of experts and professionals of various nationalities – american, chinese, german, italian- who work together to develop and carry out  projects, partnerships and  joint ventures among global companies.

Passion Group è un'impresa giovane: giovane di anni e di spirito,giovane come formula. E' formata infatti da un team di esperti eprofessionisti di varie nazionalità – americani, cinesi, tedeschi,italiani ecc.. – che lavorano insieme per costruire e accompagnare finoalla conclusione progetti di collaborazione, partnership, fusione trasocietà di Paesi diversi.