Global Market Entry

Companies face challenges when entering new global markets (Global Market Entry) and with their existing global operations (Globalization). Lombard Global offers a comprehensive suite of services that leverage the right people with proven processes and are enabled with technology, analytics and best practices. Our proven business model combines senior global professionals who operate locally overseas with senior global professionals who operate at the headquarters level. We augment our core group of management consultants and investment bankers with world-class senior advisors, such as #3 ranked Vijay Govindarajan of HBR's Thinkers 50.

Global Strategy

In our supposedly globalized economy, business is often advised to charge head first across borders as if the whole world were one seamless, flat marketplace. But the world isn't so flat in reality. Businesses that don't take into account specific political, cultural, and economic differences are doomed to fail. Picking up the phone and asking your lawyer or accountant to take you global or to fix something in your current global operation isn't going to cut in today's sophisticated global economy.

Lombard Global provides a pro-growth, yet pragmatic, results-based approach to global market entry. Our delivery is flexible enough to allow you to participate in separate service modules and structured enough so that you can participate in the entire end to end solution. Typically, a solution might consist of  research, strategy and execution.


Services provided include:

  • Data collection and market analysis
  • Executive Summary
  • Business climate and government policy regulation evaluations 
  • Market research report on entry barriers, success factors, decision-maker process and key influencers
  • Partnership identification 
  • Market, economic and political overview  
  • Routes to market
  • Investment overview
  • Cost and logistics environment
  • Research and development
  • Recommendations
  • Trade fair selection
  • Trade fair preparation, translation and commercial assistance
  • Post event management, follow up and closure

Your requirements at this phase may be for a more comprehensive primary and secondary research package or could be much more basic.  Our expertise allows you to assimilate information on the ground in specific geographic regions. Our research team and suppliers adhere to CASRO, ESOMAR or national professional standards. 


 Services provided include: 

  • Internal/external analysis – information gathering to establish a shared fact base about the potential opportunities and the choices available
  • Go-to market analysis and strategy (sales, distribution, licensing, JVs, M&As, etc.)
  • Evaluation and analysis of the options – SWOT, PESTLE, CLEAR framework (Corruption, Legal system efficiency, Enforcement efficiency, Accounting framework and Regulatory efficiency), AAA (adaptation, aggregation and arbitrage)
  • Strategic decisions - understanding facts, trade-offs, competitive considerations and investment risks
  • Implementation – plan and execution


International business is exciting. This is the fun part! Strategic meetings are established with a diverse group of potential partners, competitors and business and government experts so that you and us are well-educated and prepared to take the next level or fully execute. Lombard Global Inc. has an established high-level and often, elite international business network.  In addition, we have the training and years of experience conducting and closing business at the highest levels of commerce and government. We're senior level rainmakers and experts at global consultative sales. That's one key differentiator.  The other is our ability to grow a business rapidly.  We have an established track record at focusing on top line growth and acquiring key human capital simultaneously. This will translate into results for you. 

Global Employment Outsourcing

If you want a temporary, cost effective and low risk solution to global market entry, try Global Employment Outsourcing. Recruiting, hiring and  on boarding local workers in countries where you may or may not have a local entity is a challenge. Payroll, HR management, legal and financial compliance makes global expansion a full-time task.

Lombard Global, Inc. and its partners are multinational payroll specialists. We have gained unprecedented levels of knowledge relating to local regulatory bodies, on boarding and off boarding, complex payroll calculations and cultural differences, in both banking processes and employee expectations. Our model is similar to a “global PEO” or a ”global professional employment organization". With you, we provide a compliant set of solutions, beginning with the need to hire a local worker right through the worker’s long- or short-term employment contract, co-employment, and if needed, eventual termination.

Quickly Deploy a Global Workforce

We can manage the entire process on your behalf. You can hire one employee or a global team without establishing local entities. You and your local worker will enjoy a quick and easy on boarding process and you will have confidence knowing that your global workforce is being managed legally, compliantly and professionally.

Mitigate Global Employment Risks

What makes global employment risk management such a challenge is the lack of local information about individual countries. The regulations are often written in the local language, social costs and tax calculations are foreign and sometimes very complicated, and diverse cultural and business practices are difficult to navigate.

We have simplified the whole process by utilizing a global network of In-Country Experts (ICEs). We are proud to have a network of long-standing relationships with high-quality partners who are contractually obligated to meet local compliance requirements on our clients' behalf.

Control & Predict Costs

  • Significantly reduce your operational costs in one or in dozens of international markets.
  • Gain easy entry into new markets with streamlined processes that lower your costs.
  • Have better control over your overseas employment investment by knowing and budgeting your costs in advance.
  • Enjoy consolidated billing across one or more international markets.
  • Manage your central, regional and local budgets with flexible currency options.

Whether you have one worker or a global team, you can deploy a global workforce without establishing global operations and be assured that your employees are being managed legally, compliantly and professionally.

International Business Setup Services, Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing

Once you have decided to establish operations overseas, we protect and grow your existing overseas operations with an integrated solution for your HR, finance, tax and legal needs. Having the ease of one firm and minimal points of contact saves you time, money and takes the stress out of these processes. This allows you to focus on growth. Our one point of contact services works seemlessly with SaaS dashboard work flow technology to deliver a consistent and streamlined solution. Our support teams are SAS70/SSAE16 Type II certified . If you are a public company, you can be assured about Sarbanes Oxley compliance for your foreign operations.

Services provided include:

  • Business registration
  • Company formation
  • Legal and fiscal administration
  • Accounting
  • Office registration
  • Immigration assistance
  • Employment and recruitment
  • Operational assistance
  • Funding for international projects
  • Post-establishment
  • Complete sales, marketing, PR and advertising management
  • Complete web and marketing materials development, preparation and translation

Advantages of partnering with us:

  •  Our operations are located strategically around the world in places like the UK, India, Hong Kong and Chile.
  •  We work at the local level and speak the local language in APAC EMEA and CALA.
  •  We are American owned.
  •  We handle all of your back office and GAAP/Tax/Legal needs.
  •  In addition we handle other required day to day needs.
  •  In addition to setting up and running your back office needs we guide you through the set up, hiring and choosing the right location.

We also provide the following business consulting services in addition to modules described above:

  • Cultural Immersion and Training
  • Organizational and Cultural Alignment
  • Global Team Building
  • Multicultural Workforce Development
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Relocation services including real estate sourcing and transaction closure

More than ever, maturing global organizations must consistently improve efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and manage localization issues across one or multiple countries. The road to global growth is all about managing risk, costs and a global workforce.  All tasks required to provide day to day support to the local operation are covered by a single operational cost (fixed fee) of running the foreign entities. This typically works out to be half the cost of building a U.S., European or APAC team in house