Financial Advisory Services

Emerging Markets Transaction Advisory Services

Today, over half of global output comes from emerging markets. As a result, only the most locally committed investors’ growth strategies are within their own borders. Lombard Global, Inc. works with PE and Investment Management firms as strategic investment advisors. We provide due diligence, capital placement and post investment services delivered by our senior and local talent from our offices in the three principal BRIC markets: Brazil, China and India. If you are in need of more targeted financial advice, such as what to do with inherited savings, or how to use your retirement savings, you may want to click for info over at who can help you with this line of enquiry.


The Lombard Difference: Consultative and Strategic Investment Bankers

Most boutique investment banks focus solely on corporate finance services and on efficiently executing transactions. They typically do not provide the strategic growth guidance that emerging and middle market companies need.

Lombard Global, however, offers clients decades of global strategic management consulting and investment expertise in addition to expert financial advice. In conjunction with our affiliate partners:

  • We closely track emerging industries.
  • We closely track emerging markets in the BRICS, Turkey and the Caucuses, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, Egypt and many others.
  • We look for great opportunities in traditional industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and distribution.
  • We understand your business because we have created firms ourselves and consulted with several thousand companies at all stages of development and with all aspects of their business.
  • We understand corporate finance and how to get deals done in any economic climate. In addition, we also have developed and launched sales and marketing strategies, operations plans, and studied the competitive landscape in your industry.
  • We have started and built successful businesses and personally experienced many of the same challenges you face on a daily basis.

What Does This Mean for Your Firm?

If you’ve met or worked with investment banking firms, you may have come away with the feeling that there is little difference among them. Not Lombard Global.

We’ve rolled up our sleeves too; we “get it”. We leverage our extensive hands-on, real world business experience and knowledge to provide strategic insight into every financial transaction. We understand the valuation drivers for your firm, and will provide strategy consulting advice regarding your business model and positioning in order to optimize your results.

We believe our comprehensive approach towards advising your business can maximize the valuation of your firm. Our approach looks at many ways of closing a transaction for you. Our clients tell us we often become an extension of their own internal team due to the extensive support we provide.

Our methodology also includes strategic market research within your market and investment space, a detailed presentation of investment research and data, introductions and representation with prospective investors, and advice and assistance in negotiating, structuring and closing financial transactions.