Developing Global Leaders

Is a new junior executive recently transferred to Shanghai facing a huge problem of credibility within her team after trying to implement the same participative management style that has made her so successful in the past?

The Curious Case of David Akey-Global Mindset Case Brief

Global Strategy won’t be that effective if you don’t have the right people in place to execute that strategy.  First and foremost, the people that you choose need to possess or develop a Global Mindset.  Lombard Global leads with its Thunderbird GMI certified facilitators to first assess the global mindset of international assignment candidates and existing assignees.

What is Global Mindset?

Global Mindset is the ability to influence others who are different than you.  It is a critical combination of intellectual, psychological and social capital:

Intellectual Capital refers to your global business savvy, cosmospolitan outlook, and cognitive complexity.

Psychological Capital refers to your passion for diversity, quest for adventure, and your self-assurance.

Social Capital refers to your intercultural empathy, interpersonal impact, and diplomacy.

Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) Competency Grid

Why is Global Mindset Important?

Today's corporations are more globally connected than ever before. They are in pursuit of global  customers, global talent, global credit, global manufacturing, global partners, and global supply chains.  They have a large global workforce, us global business and virtual teams, and need to work with large numbers of groups and organizations in many parts of the world. As a consequence, their managers and leaders need to be effective in working and dealing with people who are different from them. Their success will depend on their ability to influence others from many parts of the world to help achieve their organizational goals. Global Mindset is a set of individual attributes that help global leaders and managers do a better job of influencing others who are different from them.

Can Global Mindset be Developed?

ABSOLUTELY! All elements of Global Mindset can be developed and improved.  But it is true that some aspects of Global Mindset are easier to develop than others. During the feedback workshop, you and your colleagues, working individually and in groups, will identify ways of improving your own, and your group's stock of Global Mindset.  At the end of the session, you will receive Lombard Global's suggestions on how to improve your Global Mindset.  Based on results from the assessment and discussions with you, we also offer the following targeted services:

  • Customized International Assignment Programs
  • Managing Across Global Business Teams
  • Working Within Global Business Teams
  • Communicating with Foreign Nationals
  • Global Cultural Training