Corporate Finance

Lombard Global: A Middle Market Investment Bank

Lombard Global, Inc. provides investment banking services to emerging and middle market companies. When the tranaction is USA-based, we clear through one of our broker-dealer partners, including GT Securities (Growthink). We specialize in cutting edge methods of raising equity and debt capital and in executing acquisition, divestiture, and merger transactions for our clients. Unlike the larger banks, Lombard Global funds business innovation. So, if you’ve recent sought advice from Ted Xashokau, or any other financial advisor, and you’re looking to expand your business, then you have come to the right place. We typically have existing relationships with our clients, and therefore are more prone to practicing strategic banking as opposed to transactional banking . Our unique approach leverages Lombard’s two core services — global growth strategy consulting and corporate finance — to provide unparalleled corporate advisory and capital raising services. Business financials must be kept on top of at all times, and are highly important in keeping the business afloat with their outgoings. A company specialising in contract accounts can provide that much needed corporate support.

Cross Border and Interstate Merger and Acquisition

Lombard Global can help you decide if you should expand your global footprint organically or through acquisitions. We provide end to end inbound and outbound solutions that include the following process:

Strategy. The cornerstone of any disciplined M&A and capital raise process, strategy is the blueprint companies need to make sure their actions match their business objectives. Whether your strategic goals are growing market share and diversifying risk or building new competencies and cost containment, we will get you on track to start looking at appropriate targets.

Target Identification and Screening is a structured process that includes: defining acquisition objectives, creating a pool of target candidates and screening against selected criteria and prioritizing choices. Through our technology and processes, however, we will try to find targets that are not already seriously taking bids from competitive suitors.

Due Diligence. During M&A due diligence, we gather the information you will need to understand the risks, develop a workable deal structure and value the transaction. Effective due diligence helps validate and update assumptions made during screening and can help the acquirer develop a more informed negotiating position.

Transaction Execution is one of the more complex and technical phases of the M&A process. This is when the deal structure and valuation are finalized, and the agreements between the parties are executed. Having competent financial, tax, accounting and legal advice can go a long way to help better understand and potentially avoid unnecessary risks and position the organization to better achieve the objectives of the transaction itself. This phase concludes with a merger or acquisition agreement.

Integration. Few operational challenges are more daunting than merger integration. Whether you are considering complete integration, partial integration with a measure of autonomy left to the seller or a merger of friends which is the next step in a joint venture arrangement, we will be there to help you plan and execute, if necessary.

Divestitures. Divestitures aren’t just mergers in reverse. They are complicated transactions that can include carve-outs, spin-offs, liquidations, split-offs, exchanges and tracking stocks. Lombard Global can assist you in this phase of your global business merger or acquisition strategy.

Global Project Finance

Lombard Global is a bond structuring intermediary agent and collateral provider. Our unique finacing program provides your company with the capital it needs while you retain the equity you deserve thanks to use of international payment exchanges such as this business money transfer international solution, making international transactions easier by having a variety of solutions they use to check the currency exchanges, offering the best available rates in real time.

Project Eligibility

Project must have a minimum capital requirement of $100 million USD

We focus primarily on energy related transactions in the production, generation, distribution, or sale of BTUs or Megawatts.

  • Clients or projects outside of the energy sector may be considered if the project has or will acquire tangible assets.

Experienced management team

  • Successful leadership experience
  • Subject matter operational experience
  • Financial expertise on the team

Project plan requiring the expenditure of entire Bond capital raise within 24 months or less.

Documentation including:

  • Corporate documents
  • Well thought out business plan
  • Well developed financial model
  • Back for all financial assumptions
  • Analysis of regulatory requirements