The Global Business Gazette

16Jul 2012

Written by Mohamed Buhaisi, Director of BPC-Egypt and strategic partner of Lombard Global, Inc. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily express the opinions of LGI management…. “He who controls Egypt controls the world”-Napoleon Bonaparte For decades the US government, controlled by the US industrial military establishment, has not hesitated to provoke wars whether in the […]

08Jul 2012

written by: William Billeaud, President of Lombard Global, Inc. Vijay Govindarajan, author of Reverse Innovation, is a Senior Advisor to Lombard Global, Inc.   The book reached the following milestones on best seller lists: #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller #5 New York Times Best Seller #1 USA Today Best Seller #1 Barnes & Noble Best Seller #1 […]

07Jul 2012

PROJECT “AZOV VENICE”   Partner or Investor Brief The Project: Land-development of289 hectares(Phase 1) and ca650 hectares(Phase 2) near Azov town, Rostov-on-Don region, Russia. Development improvements are: dredging, creation of water channels, road construction, electricity, dividing the territory into 1000 –1500 m2 land plots for sale for individual house and town-house construction, and bigger-sized land plots […]

21Jun 2012

written by Joseph Low. Mr. Low is currently writing a book on the overall process of starting a business in Brazil.  Its planned publication time frame is Q1 of 2013. Joseph is a Senior Advisor of Lombard Global, Inc.   With so many small to medium size business ventures now contemplating headquarters and/or support office moves […]

04Jun 2012

Edited by William Billeaud of Lombard Global, Inc. with Renan Vicentini; information provided by GCC, Porto Alegre   Teaser – Hospital Group Opportunity: Total Sale of the Company Business Presentation The group, located in the North of Rio Grande do Sul, is focused in the hospital services and clinical analysis ector. The firm also offers corporate and familiar health […]