Global Strategy

18Aug 2012

written by William Billeaud, President of Lombard Global, Inc. The author, Ruchir Sharma is head of Emerging Market Equities and Global Macro at Morgan Stanley. As such, he manages about $25 billion in emerging market assets. A few major takeaways from the book: 1) The nations that have reveled in the global commodity boom driven […]

17Jul 2012

Written by: Bill Hite, CEO of Munich-based Hull Speed Associates and strategic partner of Lombard Global, Inc. When planning for a multi-country expansion, nailing the finer details can make or break your budgeting effort. A privately-held software company based in California is starting to pursue new sales in Europe. The company has already opened a […]

08Jul 2012

written by: William Billeaud, President of Lombard Global, Inc. Vijay Govindarajan, author of Reverse Innovation, is a Senior Advisor to Lombard Global, Inc.   The book reached the following milestones on best seller lists: #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller #5 New York Times Best Seller #1 USA Today Best Seller #1 Barnes & Noble Best Seller #1 […]

30May 2012

Article by Justin Hayslett, Sr. Global Advisor at Lombard Global, Inc. and Maybe it’s time to do something different. Maybe it’s time your business stops copying and begins to innovate. Maybe it’s time to set your business apart with a new global business strategy. You can check out helpful strategy execution software from […]