Global Leadership

29Jan 2014

The following is an uncensored and unedited letter concerning the rise of Egypt’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whom the military has approved for the presidency. These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of Lombard Global, Inc. management.   Hello Bill, Hope you are well. I saw this today in the NY Times. I […]

15Jan 2014

written by: Bruce Mitchell edited and published by: William Billeaud Environmental Permitting Procedure It is important during the entire process that you ask as many questions with knowledgeable people as you can find in order to get detail, different perspectives and to determine consistency from different sources. This applies to locating equipment vendors, determining utility […]

07Jan 2014

Written by Bruce Mitchell Edited and published by William Billeaud If you have available equipment in the U.S. that you can relocate without impacting your existing manufacturing capacity for current sales, you should seriously consider relocating the equipment to your China operations. It can be more affordable for the business to move production overseas and […]

14Oct 2013

Written by Bruce Mitchell, Senior Advisor of Lombard Global, Inc. Edited by William Billeaud, President of Lombard Global, Inc. Step 1: Establish Project Teams The Executive Team Consider utilizing two teams to implement manufacturing in China. The initial team should be the Executive Team including the Company President and Chief Executive Officer, Division President, Corporate […]

08Oct 2013

Researched and written by: Megha Singh, Director of Global Strategy and Finance at Lombard Global, Inc. Edited by: William Billeaud, President of Lombard Global, Inc. Private Equity has traditionally reported its performance by using Internal Rate of Return (IRR). IRR is defined as the discount rate that makes the net present value of a series […]