Case Studies

Case Study 1: European retailer selects southwest city as USA entry point. Commercial site selection and residential relocation of EU executives, followed by secondary and primary research on USA market and interim CEO services.  Provided outbound relocation support and strategic advice for operations in Asia and EU.  Profit increase from global manufacturing relocation funded 30% new store acquisition and expansion project in the middle of global recession.

Case Study 2:  Brazilian subsidiary of a major multinational hires Lombard Global to conduct a  security and disaster recovery  vendor selection project for its growing North American operation. They then appoint Lombard Global the long term primary project and account manager. 

Case Study 3: A global middle market professional services and technology firm headquartered in the UK (operations in India, China, US, Singapore, The Netherlands, 700+ clients, 500+ employees) hires Lombard Global to head up operations in Texas and the south central US marketplace. We acquire new business for them faster than any BD or sales entity have in their history; and it's accomplished initially by the acquistion of a client in the life-sciences arena whom, at a record $400 million, was recipient to the largest startup capitalization raise in 2011, (the entire USA). 

Case Study 4: We raise capital for three separate companies simultaneously, in medical devices, agro technology and clean tech. The process involved deal flow, analyst management, marketing material management and direct partnering with VC, PE,  family groups and other accredited investors.

Case Study 5Investor Relations,  financing and roll up strategy advisory for employee benefits software firm.

Case Study 6: A Brazilian firm wanted to open offices in the DFW region but was unsure. Lombard Global and two separate market research firms put together field questionnaires and analyzed results.  Lombard Global and the client were still not convinced direct investment into DFW was the right move, so we conducted focus groups.  The results of this research told us that the market required an "education phase" and therefore it was too risky to invest directly at the present moment. As a result, the client asked us to open the Asia Pacific market for them which dynamically changed their entire business in a very positive way.

Case Study 7:  Joint US-China firms hires Lombard Global to grow and streamline operations in company. In addition, with the cooperation of provincial Chinese government, we launch an investigation into operations. This leads to new management with the Chinese arm, a plan for a new state of the art SaaS IT system and historic profit margins.

Case Study 8: Series of US and EU-based PE firm retain Lombard Global to conduct specific industry analysis in Brazil, make personal introductions with local PE firms and lead with on the ground due diligence and capital placement scenarios through partnership with Brazilian PEs.

Case Study 9: Company having difficulty with global sales activities and handling of multinational accounts. Analyzed global sales operation, created methodology for improved selling and reorganized 60 subsidiary units.  Changes included new compensation, quota and commission programs, scorecard and performance tracking and key account program. Sales increased 34% year on year.

Case Study 10: World's largest retailer having trouble with understanding key demographics, psychographics and buyer patterns of shoppers.   Conducted in-store intercept consumer study program by focusing on four stores per four separate key US cities.  Results of primary research compiled with proprietary technology; subsequent strategic advice provided.

Case Study 11: Market entry and expansion. Firm with headquarters in U.S. needed to expand into Latin America.  Joint venture created between US firm and global multinationals in Mexico as lynchpin.  Distribution and sales agency set up in 15 other Latin American countries in order to support overall strategy.  Export sales climbed in excess of 200% within two years.

Case Study 12: Under-performing Asian operations, poor outlook for growth. Analyzed markets to create achievable strategy for each.  Started acquisition initiative for one market, divestiture of two others.  Re-engineered organizational design, process flows, accounting, sales and service practices to align operation with company requirements, GAAP and Sarbanes Oxley standards. Positioned region for aggressive growth over next 1-3 years.  Revenue increased 48% with 19% profitability at end of year one.

Case Study 13: Sales team consistently missing targets and quotas.  Analyzed structure, client base and markets. Identified growth opportunities for core and vertical products. Created sales and marketing strategy and sales force methodology. Restructured globally. Designed and trained global sales teams in prospecting, lead generation,pipeline and sales cycle management, forecasting and client management.  63% improvement in quota achievement after 90 days.

Case Study 14: Israeli-based clean tech project firm retains Lombard Global and partners to finance multimillion project in upper South America.  

Case Study 15: U.S Real Estate Private Equity firm engages Lombard Global, Inc. to establish local partners and acquire commercial industrial and retail properties under its parameters.

Case Study 16 : Lombard Global, Inc. acquires and closes $7 million USD office property for Israeli investors in U.S.  

Case Study 17 : Malaysian software firm engages Lombard Global, Inc. to conduct U.S. capital raise feasibility study

Case Study 18: Japan commercial construction manufacturer engages Lombard to do U.S. and Global Market Research, Global Trade Show Study and a complete branding and design of corporate marketing collateral for U.S. and global markets.