Big Data, Advanced Analytics and AI

Our Advanced Analytics practice is our fastest growing segment. We take a very strategic approach by starting with the needs of senior executives and working across and down the organization to execute. The most important piece is to get the strategy right by asking the right questions after we identify key data correlations and KPIs. We then work to see where the good data is, how difficult is is to mine and if there is enough of it to truly monetize your chosen data correlation. We seek business game-changers and only work on data that make or save you and your company money. Our SaaS model, senior business and technical advisors create a highly valuable, low-risk, yet dynamic and truly enlightening process for our clients.



We meet in person with senior executives to learn business objectives, inventory data, identify current and required resources. Then we establish action items necessary to create a set of predictive models.

We spend time with senior executives and other members of your team to assess business complexity and acquire the knowledge necessary to ask relevant questions about the business, and for simulation and predictive modeling purposes.


We identify the best available mathematical framework or model for your particular business problem. For complex problems, the process is often iterative.


We assess your data and perform any cleaning, normalization, or structuring that is required. Once we have a usable dataset, we apply statistical routines and iterate on results until model variables are significant.


Once a predictive model is developed, we deploy the model to a production environment, by way of a custom API. In short, APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are the connections between different systems or layers of an application. Moreover, applications usually have three layers: a data layer, a service (API) layer, and a presentation (UI) layer. The API layer contains the business logic of an application. These are the rules of how users can interact with the services, data, or functions of the app. Essentially, data is given to the API and it sends back predictions. Accordingly, as with any software, carrying out regular API tests is strongly recommended. Furthermore, although there are several unique aspects of api testing, it generally consists of making requests to single or multiple API endpoints and then validating the response. In short, software testing can be carried out to assess performance, security, functional correctness, or as a status check. For those that need more background into this, they can check this out to see what to do next and how to implement these within their system.


Our entire process is thoroughly documented. This includes: design of the experiment, table structures, sample data, R scripts used for statistical analysis, and documentation to use the API.

Business/ Technology Vendor Selection Services and IT Management

Today’s decisions are complex, combining hard facts with expert intuition. Rapid business decision-making often requires collaboration across time zones, organizations and cultural norms. Lombard Global’s business and technical advisors bring the power of proven collaborative decision-making processes and technology to your internal and external teams. With Lombard Global you will save time, make better decisions and improve your bottom line results. In addition, we manage key software and IT functions and processes for our global clients.

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