The following is an uncensored and unedited letter concerning the rise of Egypt’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whom the military has approved for the presidency. These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of Lombard Global, Inc. management.


Hello Bill, Hope you are well. I saw this today in the NY Times. I just want to share with you my thoughts;

Tahrir Square, emblem of youthful hope and anti-dictatorial change three years ago, is home now to Egyptians baying for a military hero with the trappings of a new Pharaoh to trample on the “terrorists” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

How wrong can one be? How far from the truth can one be?

Egyptians sees General Sisi as their savior from what was certain to have been a catastrophic rule by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). After many years of sympathizing with the MB, Egyptians now believe that the MB is a terrorist organization and the more MB do terrorist attacks to cause instability, the more people repel from them and reinforce the status of Sisi as their savior.

Egyptians are convinced that during the one year of MB rule, Egypt was about to be lost forever but thanks God, then came Sisi to give back Egypt to Egyptians, bravely putting his life on the line; he became very popular and admired by most Egyptians. The man has decent down to earth characteristics and has been able to win the hearts and mind of most Egyptians especially the common masses. They see him as strong man who says No to Obama and stood against the US plans for the new Middle East.

We can understand why the US and consequently the media is taking side with MB because of the deal/ plan the US made with the MB to reshape the political landscape the Middle East. The US foreign policy has never been so wrong and irresponsible regarding the Middle East. Obama is said to be in deep trouble once all facts are revealed to Americans. Furthermore, The US media mostly proved to be not honest to say the least when it comes to Egypt. Pity!

In a nutshell things are getting better more quickly now and Egypt will recover very soon to become a major player politically and economically, there has even been an increase of property in New Cairo for sale as well as other parts of Egypt already, a recovery is impending. And the notion that Egypt is returning to military rule is not valid. The man will take off his uniform just like Eisenhower and de Gaulle. It is that simple.

Finally, stay well and God bless you.



Mohamad Buhaisi is the owner of a management consultancy in Cairo and is a Senior Advisor to Lombard Global, Inc.