written by: Bruce Mitchell

edited and published by: William Billeaud

Obtaining a Building Construction Permit


1. You have selected the Industrial Zone and contracted to purchase the land and/or to have a Developer construct your facility.

2. Received a business license establishing your Chinese Company. As part of this process you will have also have developed:

A. Feasibility Study

B. Legal person ID.

3. You must have identified, selected, bid and completed the project design work with an approved Design Institute and have copies of the following:

a. Copy of the DI qualification letter

b. Copy of the DI business license

c. Approved and notarized copy of the DI contract and design fee receipt

d. Calculations and computational data for mechanical, electrical and civil design from the DI

e. Building construction drawings from the DI.

f. Layout drawings

4. Environmental Impact Report

5. Identified, selected and bid the project construction work with an approved Construction Company and have copies of the following.

a. Winning bid notification

b. Construction company contract

c. Copy of the Construction company’s business license

6. Quality monitoring contract – You will need to contract with a separate firm that oversees the quality of the construction.

7. Project budget estimate

Construction Permit

1. Project Establishment – Copy of feasibility study, business license and land use pre-approval report to the District Planning Commission. With this information will provide you with your “Project Establishment Report” and associated approval letter.

2. Environmental Protection Report

3. Site selection report

4. Design proposal and land survey

5. Proposal Review

6. Land Use Permit

7. Land use permit

8. Construction drawing review

9. Fire department review

10. Labor, Safety and Sanitary review

11. Construction Project Planning Permit

12. Quality Monitoring Designation

13. Receive Construction Permit

Once you have a construction work licencing certificate you are then able to carry out the construction work, make sure that the working standards are met. You may also want to keep up with reports similar to this construction daily report on the progress of jobs. This way there won’t be any injuries or discrepancies with your workers. If they aren’t met then there may be a law firm like robertslegal.com.au brought in to deal with it.