Written by Mohamed Buhaisi, Director of BPC-Egypt and strategic partner of Lombard Global, Inc.

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily express the opinions of LGI management….

“He who controls Egypt controls the world”-Napoleon Bonaparte

For decades the US government, controlled by the US industrial military establishment, has not hesitated to provoke wars whether in the pretext of imperial expansion or/and in order to help revitalize the economy or whenever there is an economic crises, or after economic disasters, – it is all about the money and control – of course, they are never short of excuses to wage wares – , even if it has to inflect death to its own people and soldiers, they did it in Cuba (Maine destroyer)-, Vietnam and recently Iraq and Afghanistan (NY twin towers).

Trillions of dollars (4-6), which was spent on recent wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) – has proved that the Return on Investment has not paid off (in terms of reconstruction and control vs. the amount of destruction and the human loss.

The American people found out that their government has cheated them and there were no noble reasons, only a catastrophic loss in people and money. So instead of waging wars that are not economically feasible any more, as per state vs. state, the new US strategy is to wage wars within the state itself, be it Islamists vs. Liberals, Islamists vs. Islamists, and Muslims vs. Christians as in the case in Sudan.

So when the Arab spring revolutions erupted and reached Egypt, the US has purposefully kept to a back seat during the revolution – they would of course would have liked to see their dictator friend win, but they would like better if they could use and manipulate events to create a ground for intervention to ultimately control and grantee their interest in the region.

The US is encouraging Muslim Brotherhood to cling to power -while at the same time The US support other secular parties and liberal movements and the Egyptian military – luring MB to make mistake and provide excuse for more intervention in Egypt.

The US is cursed with some conservative policy makers who are truly undermining not only the world but also America and continuously causing a lot of anti-US sentiment in the Middle East and Arab World. On the surface, The US strategy in Egypt focuses on the Suez Canal passage and (ridiculously for votes in elections) the security of Israel.

Of course there are still few wise and pragmatic American policy makers who realize that the MB might be the inevitable outcome, and it is at least a party that will try to work with foreign interests, not “getting into bed” with them, and there is some recognition that it could be okay to have a moderate Islamist government as long as they did not stir trouble, that this is better than a real Islamist revolution with extremist influence,  but there is often a dose of conspiracy theorizing behind anything to do with the US, but one cannot help but adding numbers together! And God bless America.

-Mohamed Buhaisi