written by: William Billeaud, President of Lombard Global, Inc.
Vijay Govindarajan, author of Reverse Innovation, is a Senior Advisor to Lombard Global, Inc. 

 The book reached the following milestones on best seller lists:

#1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller

#5 New York Times Best Seller

#1 USA Today Best Seller

#1 Barnes & Noble Best Seller

#1 Amazon Business Best Seller


This is the highly anticipated work resulting from Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble’s award-winning HBR article, “How GE is disrupting itself”. It probably doesn’t take much of a sage to predict that this book will become an time-time business classic.
The book is divided into two main sections: The Reverse Innovation (RI) Challenge and RI in Action. Although I was eagerly awaiting the book’s release, in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “OK, great theory with one substantial case study (GE), but how am I going to get a big bureaucratic multinational to approve the funds and resources necessary for success in this venture and 2) make sure that internal competition doesn’t block the effort?” These issues are addressed in substantial depth in Part 1, culminating with the RI Playbook which consists of nine rules to guide your efforts in strategy, global and project organization.
Having read Part 1, although I’m anticipating a few examples or case studies, I had no idea there’d be eight very detailed case studies. Finally, towards the end of the book, you think you might be able to start mapping together some processes to either launch a consulting practice in RI or launch an effort internally at a specific entity. You realize, however, it’s still going to require several people and a good amount of time just to build a foundation. When I realized one of the appendices is an RI Tool Kit composed of diagnostics and templates to push you forward, I was pleasantly shocked.
So, from the viewpoint of a senior businessman, the best part of the book for me is that it is extremely well-organized, factual and helpful. The book would be a classic based on theory and content alone, but the practicality of the book will make it a “bible” for the growing legion of us involved in international business strategy and execution.
I highly recommend this book.